Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sew Easy!

Hi Everyone! So a few weeks ago I finally took the plunge and bought a Sew Easy! It is pretty fun to use and adds just a little something extra to your project. Here is my first 2 projects that I made with it!

Items used:
  • A2 Card bases
  • patterned paper
  • Imagine More Cards Cartridge
  • Pop Dots
  • Sew Easy + thread
  • Adhesive
How to:
  • I stated by cutting the card bases down to 4 x 4 and the patterned paper to 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 and attached it to the card base with ATG adheisve. 
  • Next I punctured the holes with the Sew Easy head on each card (used a scalloped one on the second card, and the head that came with the handle for the first)
  • I then added the thread to the cards 
  • Then came the tags cut from the Imagine at 2.5 inches. They are attached with pop dots.

1 comment:

  1. Your cards are great... I have been thinking about taking the plunge and buy me a sew easy. I think I will jump on in.


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