Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Sunshine and Smiles at St. Jude

Erica over at My Cricut Craft room has been collecting cards for the Project Sunshine and Smiles for St. Jude hospital. I love what this project stands for and sat down and made up 20 card to send her to add to her collection of cards to take with her to the Children's Hospital. Her goal is to collect 5,000 cards! With everyone's help I am sure that she can reach this goal! 

This is what Erica has to say on her blog about this project: 

"Cards for Project Sunshine and Smiles at St. Jude's. The ONLY rule is please don't remind the child how sick they are, get well soon is ok to write. Please write a message to a child.... I can't hand write 5,000 cards, so if you could help me....write a small note to the child who is receiving it. Envelopes are not needed, they kids will get to pick their own so it would be nice for them to see them (if you want to put it in an envelope that is ok too) The card can be any size, for any age, boy or girl. They can be for infants, toddlers, school age children, teenagers! They all deserve a BIG smile, at least we can bring it to them for one day! If you would like to make a card for a birthday (obviously I will not know who's birthday it is, but I can leave them with the nurses or Volunteers to extend our little project and smiles into the rest of the year. As far as how to make these cards.... There are really no rules.... anything you want! It does NOT have to be made with the Cricut." 

If you would like to help out and send some cards please send them to:
Erica's Craft Room
4364 Laburnum Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319
Here are a couple of pictures of the cards that I made and sent to her. 



  1. wow! kudos to you! I barely have time to make my DT cards. Thanks so much for doing all of these:-)

    ~Tammy S

  2. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  3. Oh have been a busy lady! These are just awesome and I know they are going to be so appreciated by the kids and their families! Wonderful!


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