Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dump Truck party!

My son will be turning 2 next month so I have been racking my brain on what "theme" to use. I received a birthday party catalog in the mail and started getting lots of ideas. Then the idea hit me to plan the party for this coming weekend as my mother-in-law would be here visiting us and she would enjoy being able to be at his party. So last week I started making the invitations followed by a birthday banner! I am really pleased with how everything turned out, and can't wait to have his party this weekend!

Front of invite
 Back of invite
 "Jacob" part of banner
 Close-up of dump-truck with letter attached
 "Happy" portion of banner
 "Birthday" portion of banner (please excuse the missing tires on the first truck, I missed that one, and still need to cut some more out)

Items used:
  • White cards cut at score mark
  • Mickey and Friends, and Mini Monograms cricut cartridges
  • Yellow, Black, red card stock as well as red patterned paper 
  • black, white and silver gel pens
  • adhesive
  • twine
  1. I started by printing the "Jacob is turning 2, and you are invited" and the information on the back of the card using my computer and printer. 
  2. I then cut the cards in half at the score mark so I could have 2 invites per card base
  3. I then cut the dump-truck from the Mickey and Friends cartridge at 3 inches using yellow textured card stock, I also cut the black part of the dump-truck and wheels using black card stock also at 3 inchs.
  4. I then assembled the dump-trucks and used the gel pens to add the stitching. I used the silver pen to write "Party Time" on the truck. 
  5. Before adhering the dump-trucks to the card stock, I cut the red patterned paper to fit across the bottom of the cards, and used my ATG gun to adhere them together. I also tied the twine around the card and made the bow be on the side with the party information.
  6. I then used foam 3-D blocks to adhere the dump-trucks to the card to give them some pop!
For the banner:
  1. I cut the dump-truck at 3 inches and the tires. 
  2. I cut the letters from Mini Monograms at 3 inches. I really liked the letters with the cutouts, so that is what I went with. 
  3. I adhered the letters using the 3-d foam squares. 
  4. I then tied the trucks together using twine.
Well I hope you enjoyed this project, and I can't wait to see it all up at the party on Saturday. 

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